Serving your skilled carpentry needs.
You have the vision, we make it real.
Other than the generally understood nuts and bolts activities of a carpentry contractor, what is the purpose of my work? It means seeking to understand the needs of my client, and providing service that brings their vision to reality. Whether a project is humble or grand, I bring skills and experience to it that are outside of the range of capabilities of many carpenters and, naturally, those of the client. I become an extension of my client's skill set, as they seek to realize the elements of their design. In addition, when my client needs assistance with design problems, I often have a good suggestion that completes the picture for them, and gets the project done in an efficient and beautiful way.
I think that one of the big concerns for homeowners is the way that a contractor conducts himself. Of the many challenges of maintaining and improving your home, one of the toughest things to deal with is sharing your space with someone you don't know well. First, you need to be able trust those that come into your home and who you deal with monetarily. Second, the workers who improve your home need to conduct themselves in a courteous and aware manner. Buliding can be disruptive and messy, so you need people who are conscientious about disrupting as little as possible. Working within these understandings and values is core to my way of being of service.